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Partner Bundle Photo Contest

In the spirit of the season, and to kick off the launch of limited-time Partner Bundles…
Minaal Partner Bundle Contest Winner - Carry-on 2.0


Minaal Partner Bundle Contest Winner - Daily


…we asked you to share “rad pics of you and your partner, bf, gf and/or travel buddy at your best as a duo.” Then we left it up to you to decide on the meanings of “rad”, “buddy”, and “best”. You went wild, as recommended! 👯‍♀️ Huge thanks for entering!

The Wait

But that’s when the waiting began…
Partner Bundle Contest Winner - Waiting Gambino

That poor, anxious Gambino

The Judges

There were loads of awesome entries for our expert panel of judges to choose from…
Minaal Photo Bundle Contest Winner - Expert Panel of Judges, Jenny Blake, Amit Gupta, Noah Kagan

Judges: Jenny Blake, author of Pivot,  Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo, and Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at and

But in the end, there could be only one Grand Prize Winner…
Minaal Partner Bundle Photo Contest Winner - Highlander Quickening

Yep. There’s going to be a Highlander reference every chance we get. 😜 #dealwithit

Grand Prize – Partner Bundle

Congrats, Benjamin Jacquet and Natacia Gonzales!
Minaal Partner Bundle Contest - Benjamin

“This shot was taken at Lake Tekapo in NZ, though we couldn’t spot any T-rex there so we added it in post!” –Benjamin

$100 Gift Card

Congrats, Shaun Crawford!
Minaal Partner Bundle Photo Contest - Shaun

“This picture was shot only days after Shannon and I saved the world. It was taken as a tribute to our most excellent success.
In danger of flunking our history test most heinously, Shannon and I befriend a time-traveling man (Rufus – pictured in the middle) to help us pass our test and coincidentally save the world. This adventure would have been even more excellent with some sweet Minaal gear, a bogus mistake we do not plan to make again!” –Shaun

$50 Gift Card

Congrats to Drew Snyder!
Minaal Partner Bundle Photo Contest - Drew

“Planning a Valentine’s Day getaway and only taking the essentials!” –Drew

Huge thanks to all of the honorable mentions below!

The Honorable Mentions

We’re super stoked that SO many of you from the Minaal crew jumped in with your awesome shots and edits. Thanks again! Happy Valentine’s to all (Platonic travel buddies and enthusiastic solo entries included 😉). Don’t forget to put your free shipping code to work on the limited-time Partner Bundles or whatever gear you’ll need for your next big adventure:

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Next time…

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