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Essentials Collection


Jose Ramirez Packing his Minaal Carry-on backpack for Cambodia

Gear cred belongs to: JoseRamirez (@eyeofjoseon Instagram).


HOW IT WORKS – Turn your bag out(careful, careful your best stuff is inside). Take out your gear. Frame it up at right angles. Then click a pic and share it on social media with #minaal or email us at feedback[at]minaal[dot]com. We’ll feature our favorite collections regularly with links to some of the great gear you’ve told us you can’t roam, work and live without.

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To have your essentials featured on’Looky Looky’ share a photo on social media with #minaal or email us atfeedback[at]minaal[dot]com.

Check back soon to see what’s getting carried.

See you on the road.

Jose Ramirez in the pool at Kep Lodge Cambodia

At Kep Lodge in Cambodia by JoseRamirez (@eyeofjose on Instagram).